A drought can create havoc on your garden or yard because of the dry weather that even high amounts of watering can’t save. Creating a drought resistant yard can be both beautiful and cost efficient as well as survive even the toughest of weather conditions. We have compiled some of our favorite plants that are excellent choices for your drought resistant garden. 

  1. Lavender- This plant is not only known for its relaxing smell but also for its ability to withstand high levels of heat and thrive in direct sunlight. Lavender grows in a shrub-like formation and can grow to cover large areas with its many protruding stems and purple flowers. This plant also grows well in containers that have good drainage and only needs to be watered when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. 
  2. Artemisia- Easy to care for and beautiful to look at, this plant has many different varieties such as Wormwood and French tarragon. These plants love sunshine and are perfectly fine to be left alone. If in the summer you have time, a little trim of the stems can be helpful in promoting growth but the majority of these plants all grow to be well over a foot high and then gracefully bend over creating a bush like appearance. 
  3. Yarrow- With a variety of different colored flowers available, Yarrow is a wonderful way to bring color into your garden while not needing to maintain the plant very much. These plants are not only great in sandy soil, but some species are aggressive growers so they can fill up more space in a shorter amount of time. 
  4. Portulaca- This succulent plant is a green variety that has little flowers that can peak just above the green stems. Petal colors include pink, orange, and red but some in a variety of colors. The flowers bloom during the day to soak in the sunlight and close at night. Unlike Yarrow, this plant does not have much height but is a great candidate for pots or other containers with drainage, you just need to make sure it gets water as it is unlikely to be reached by a sprinkler. 

Hopefully you now have a greater knowledge about what plants to look for when it comes to creating a drought resistant garden. If you are looking for custom landscaping or are looking to add a gazebo design to your yard, we would love to work with you.