More than ever before, our homes have become the center of our everyday life. From working at home to the kids doing online school, we have learned to appreciate our houses a little bit more. In a similar way, trends have shown that more people are looking to invest in their outdoor space to make it as fun and comfortable as the indoors. Here are 5 ways to upgrade your yard. 

Running water- Adding a water feature like a stream, fountain, or even a backyard waterfall are all ways to bring a bit more peace into your yard. The sound of running water is soothing and will help you to relax. You can put this feature either in the front yard or the back or create an elaborate design that has a stream going through your whole property. 

Fire Pit- Looking to make summer nights even more fun? Making smores on your custom made fire pit is going to be an evening activity you will do over and over again. Having your fire pit made for your space gives you control of the size, shape, and even the materials. Talk with one of our experts to learn about some of the fire pits we have made in the past!

Gazebo- A great choice for backyards with more space, having a gazebo creates more shaded space; ideal for handling the California heat. Not only can this space house additional seating, it can also have your outdoor grilling space and a table. Add a TV and a fan and you can hang out outdoors all day long. 

Garden- Nothing compares to fresh produce from your own backyard and having a few gardening boxes allows you to have your own green space year round. Plant favorites like squash, tomatoes, or even herbs like basil to have fresh ingredients on hand. 

Playset- When parks were shut down due to the pandemic, having a playset in the yard became a hot commodity to help kids get out their energy. Now, playsets can be designed with a variety of features including slides, climbing walls, monkey bars and even swings that can hold the weight of adults so that mom and dad can join in on the fun. 

At Aurora Outdoors, we want you to love your outdoor space. Our custom landscaping designs gives you the chance to personalize your yard to fit your needs. If you are looking to make your yard really stand out, consider backyard landscape lighting to uplift your space.