Lighting your backyard is one of the best ways to elevate your outdoor style.
If you are looking for outdoor lighting near me, you have come to the right place.
There are many ways to elevate your outdoor lighting that you can enjoy all year
long. Below are a few of the style ideas that can be implemented into your landscape
designs. If you have any questions on how to implement lighting into your new
design please feel free to ask away!
 Security Lighting: Security lighting can be a great deterrent in the front,
sides, and back of your home. Motion lights are best used in these cases.
 Path Lighting: Path lighting can be used in either leading up your home in
the front, leading to a pool in the back, leading to a gazebo, or any other space
you wish to illuminate.
 String Lighting: String lighting is typically hung over seating areas for added
ambiance. This is a nice and affordable way to enjoy your space more.
 Wall Lighting: Wall lighting can be used directly on your home to accentuate
your curb appeal or to highlight specific plants.
 Deck Lighting: A deck is a great way to add additional living space to your
yard. Consider adding lighting built-in to your deck both on the steps and
around the railing. This will allow you to fully enjoy your deck during all
hours of the day and looks beautiful!
 Spot Lighting: Do you have a sparkling pool in your yard? A great way to
highlight it is with spot lighting that surrounds particular plants around the
Here at Aurora Outdoors we would be happy to help you with outdoor
lighting near me. We are happy to help take your backyard landscaping to the next
level with customized lighting.