Designing a landscape for your home has many factors. From including a water feature to fencing, there are a range of items that can be incorporated into the overall design. Native plants are one of the most beloved features that can be added to designs. Not only do these plants respond well to the soil, they are also unique to the area that you live in. As a Southern California landscaping company, we know the value of native plants. Here, we are going to give a few examples of California native plants to hopefully inspire your next landscaping project. 

Live-forever-These succulents get their name because they are known to live up to 100 years in the wild. With over 40 varieties to choose from, these plants also have different shades of green and some varieties also sprout colorful flowers in the early spring and late winter. They do well with little water and are classified as a drought friendly plant. 

Coffeeberry – Birds love to eat the fruit that comes off these shrubs that can grow up 15ft in height. It does need to be trimmed but it is a fire resistant plant. This means that it does not catch fire easily and if it does, it does not contribute much to growing the fire because the plant itself is not a dry one. This is an ideal plant to use to build a defensible space around your home. 

Silver lupine – Found all over California, these blue and purple flowering plants grow quickly and are tall, creating a cascade of color. It loves getting full sunshine and does not need to be watered very often. 

Bush anemone- If you are in Fresno or Madera county, you are in luck! This plant is native exclusively to those areas, making it a unique choice for landscaping. The yellow centers of the white flowers are attractive to butterflies and bees and it grows best in full or partial sun. 

Toyon- This shrub is ideal for slopes since it’s root system holds together the soil. Small white flowers grow in clusters until they change into red berries (do not eat them!) in the winter time. It can also grow into a privacy hedge if given the proper shape. 
When you are considering redoing your landscaping, think about adding one of these plants or another native plant to your yard. Don’t forget to add backyard landscape lighting to your design which can be expertly done by our team. We also do small garden design and look forward to helping you create a space you enjoy.