With summer on the horizon, the warm evenings are best enjoyed outside on the patio. Outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight your space to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Here are five outdoor lighting tips to help you get started. 

  1. Avoid a Straight Line- When you are placing string lights or even standing solar lights, putting them in a straight line makes your new lights look like an airplane runway. Especially along a path, lights should ideally be placed far apart and on a curve. This helps to create depth and avoid a one-note look. 
  2. Light Up Entrances- Any entry point to your home or yard should be lit up by at the very least a motion sensor light. Not only does this provide a level of security but coupled video surveillance it makes it less likely that unwanted visitors will attempt to enter. Motion sensor floodlights are great for this purpose because they are not on the majority of the time, saving you money on electricity too. 
  3. String Lights- An incredibly popular choice due to their soft flow and often vintage appearance, string lights are able to light up as large and as small of a space that you want. They come in both plug in and solar options which is great for the homeowner. They can be placed on a pole that is then stuck in a planter to make an attractive display that requires little to no work. Try using this technique around your outdoor dining area.
  4. Use a Dimmer- Outfitting a pergola or partially enclosed outdoor seating space with lights is a must. You can use wall sconces with an open bottom design to partially illuminate the space or use lantern lighting. Having these lights on a dimmer will allow you to control the level of lighting which both your guests and neighbors will appreciate. 
  5. Take a look from the Inside- When placing your lighting, make sure to go inside your home and then look out back to see how it appears from this perspective. Especially if you are putting lights to brighten up shrubbery or plants, they can elongate the view and room from inside your home. 

Creating elegant backyard landscape lighting is an important step to elevating your outdoor space. Adding a custom fire pit that suits your taste is another unique way to bring a personal element to your backyard.